Introducing my YouTube Channel

Femke van Schoonhoven
3 min readJan 11, 2019

It started off with a tweet.

After two years of talking about starting a YouTube channel, I had a dream. In that dream I had a channel, was creating videos consistently and engaging with viewers. My mindset was already at the finish line. In my mind I had already achieve the goal. I just needed reality to align my mindset.

But how?

I woke up and shared my dream on Twitter. Unintentionally I’d created an accountability partner for myself — my 5,000 twitter followers — and promised them that videos were coming, soon.

Slowly, reality began to align with my mindset. I had a YouTube channel. It was empty, but there.

Over the next couple of months I pressed record on my camera to see what would happen. I shared snippets of my journey. I talked about learning how to shoot film, edit in Premiere and create video thumbnails.

Pretty soon I had created seven videos that were sitting on my computer, locked away in a vault.

I was inches away from reality and my mindset being completely aligned and I’d never been more terrified.

Suddenly, the finish line was right in front of me. All I needed to do was swallow a bucket of courage and press ‘publish’. The videos were sitting there. Uploaded. Private. Waiting. Waiting for me to release them into the wild.

Last week I finally did.

Introducing my YouTube Channel — dedicated to videos about design, research and the product development process.

Let me tell you, it’s really scary putting this out in the world. No longer am I hiding behind a profile picture, my entire physical self is now online for the world to watch in video. I’ve never felt more exposed or vulnerable, but equally excited.

Why video?

Teaching has long been a passion of mine. I’m a big believer in teaching what you know and sharing with others.

For a while I did this through writing, but writing for me has long come with barriers. I find it hard to visualise what I want to say, and difficult to articulate my thoughts into written words.

I believe there is a severe lack of women on YouTube talking about design. As a junior designer and woman in tech, I didn’t feel there was a lot of other women talking about design and tech through video. I wish there had been someone I could relate to.

Who are these videos for?

These videos are for you. They’re about you. They’re about you’re career, your development, your workflow and your design process. I want to create videos that help you improve your workflow, spark ideas for new techniques or open your mind to a different design method.

Some videos I have coming up are:

  • What’s in my design toolkit?
  • How to write user stories
  • User research Q&A
  • Questions to ask in a design job interview
  • Design Newsletters I recommend

… and so much more. Here is just a glimpse at my list of video ideas:

Since launching this, a common question I’ve received is “how often will you be posting?”

The answer is: I don’t know. My goal is to post regularly enough to stay relevant and provide you with value. One video a month seems too little, one a week seems ambitious. Let’s just say it will be somewhere in between :)

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