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What cash trips in Mexico taught me about designing for international markets at Uber

The problem

It started off with a tweet.

A few weeks ago I attended Confront conference in the quaint city of Malmö, Sweden. On the stage was Paul Hamilton, a design lead at Ustwo, who reminded us that as designers we are constantly making choices.

Eight weeks ago I set myself a goal to run 5km.

What table tennis champion and Uber Designer Adil Dhanani learned about sports and how it relates to his career as a designer.

Adil Dhanani at Uber HQ in San Francisco

Hi Adil! Thanks for sitting down with me. Let’s start by getting to know you a bit more — what’s your story at Uber, and what are you currently working on?

Figma’s Design Education Manager Zach Grosser on finding his place, collaborating with other designers and design education.

You have a very non-linear career path! From studying glassblowing in College to working at Apple, Square and now as Design Educator at Figma.

Do you think it’s important to find comfort in embracing change?

My path to finding comfort in change was — and is — quite a struggle. I especially never did well with navigating the, “What am I going to do next?” moments in my life. …

UX Designer Marie Schweiz on using watercolour, uplifting women in tech and having good design principles

You’re a freelance interaction designer, yet it doesn’t stop there! You also paint watercolours, sketch in procreate, help other designers learn how to use design tools and the list goes on. How do you pinpoint your passion?

“As a design student, how do I make my work/portfolio stand out from the tons of other design students when applying for a design job?”

Recently I attended a workshop hosted by Tom Greever on articulating design decisions.

Shivam Thapliyal on how he went from engineer to designer, on his own

You studied Computer science engineering. How did you end up in design?

Femke van Schoonhoven

Kiwi in Canada, Product designer at Uber, Podcasting at @DesignLifeFM, Videos about design: https://t.co/Dh2EpDr6jT?amp=1

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